Menacorp offers a full range of services to financial institutions with a fully dedicated team in charge of coordinating all the efforts of our different departments to offer a smooth execution through our different business lines. More specifically, we offer institutional investors investing in listed products on MENA markets with unique access to top decision makers within listed companies. Our ability to arrange on-on-one meetings for our institutional clients is unmatched. Coupled with the support of our research capabilities and tailor-made service, we believe to be the best positioned to cater for the needs of sophisticated local, regional or international institutional investors.

Menacorp provides corporations with a range of financial services that are focused on growth through M&A, raising capital, asset financing as well as portfolio management. Due to our leadership on MENA markets, we are ideally positioned to assisted listed companies in their relationships with investors by organizing dedicated meetings, roadshows and presentations. Our dedicated team advises regularly top management of listed companies to improve their communication toward the market and designs appropriate strategies accordingly

Government Related Entities

We regularly serve GREs throughout our different business lines. We understand the specific needs and requirements of GREs and established specific protocols within our firm to address them. Our professionals have extensive experience in assisting GREs for their investments and strategic operations

Menacorp caters to the needs of family businesses which require unique approaches with regards to portfolio and asset management but also with respect to the operating companies falling under the umbrella of . Through understanding the significance of building strong, lasting relationships with family business owners, Menacorp promises to deliver exquisite services matching the requirements of every business.

Menacorp adheres to a well-crafted Investment Policy Statement (IPS) in mapping investment strategies and approaches for High Net Worth individuals seeking to protect and grow their wealth. Various economic and financial variables are analyzed by a dedicated team to provide bespoke financial solutions that match the client’s asset allocation preferences, return expectations, risk appetite and liquidity needs. Our Asset Management team is focused on creating a robust portfolio enabling clients to meet their goals and objectives.

Menacorp’s financial analysts provide private investors with advisory services through access to daily insights and periodic coverages. Private investors can also benefit from our state-of-the-art trading platforms and execution services performed by our Brokerage division across all desks including local, regional and international markets.