Information Technology

Menacorp’s state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is essential to its operations as it is the key resource for both, the workforce and its clients alike.

Menacorp’s pioneering trading platforms are constantly under development in aims of providing a seamless trading experience through both, desktop and mobile trading platforms. Information is also sourced through leading databases and information providers which is utilized to support trading strategies and performance reports. Compliance and Risk functions are also maintained and supported by telephone recording systems that get stored in high-tech servers protected by advanced firewalls that preserve confidential data.

Clients Support Functions

Menacorp recognizes that its success is also supported by departments that do not generate income however contribute to its goodwill. Support functions such as Investor Relations, Information Technology, Operations, Compliance and Risk provide structure for income-generating units as they are the pillars to building a special relationship with our clients. Menacorp believes that superior service requires synergy amongst its business units and aims to extend that synergy to its clients. In this manner, our clients are put at the center of everything we do.

Compliance and Risk

Menacorp has set clearly defined processes through which its compliance and risk management identifies, analyzes and where necessary responds to risks that might adversely affect the realization of its business objectives. A strong focus on financial risk posed by money laundering and fraud is maintained through a trained and dedicated team who monitors on a real-time basis all the transactions performed through the organization, following AML policies set forth by management. Technology risk is equally important and is monitored in-house as well as by external advisors. Compliance with law and regulatory requirements is ensured by Menacorp’s management through the employment of stringent auditing policies that safeguard the company’s interests.



Menacorp aims to be a regional and global leader in terms of best practices in Corporate Governance by seizing any opportunity to strengthen its ethical framework and improve its transparency. Our commitment to Corporate Governance is outlined through a set of policies and procedures that include the Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing Policy and Segregation of Duty manual.

Menacorp’s Board of Directors and Board Committees understand and support the need for cooperation with regulators in Menacorp’s markets to sustain the company’s position as a market leader as governance is the solid foundation behind its operational success.

Code of Conduct

Menacorp requires all of its workforce, from its leadership to its front-line employees, to adhere to its code of conduct which provides general guidance concerning individual and collective responsibilities with regards to confidentiality, disclosure, protection, use of information and transparency. This ensures that employees uphold high ethical standards in delivering client services.

Whistleblowing Policy

Menacorp believes that transparency and accountability are vital components of solid Corporate Governance and therefore has established a Whistleblowing Policy.

Whistleblowing empowers employees to voice concerns regarding potential misconduct varying from failure to comply with law or regulatory requirements as well as internal rules and regulations. Menacorp’s policy is designed to guarantee protection and confidentiality for those who come forward in good faith without the aim of questioning financial or business decisions taken by the company.

Segregation of Duty

Menacorp employs a safeguarding mechanism to prevent conflicts of interest from unstructured interactions amongst the firm’s divisions as well as with external parties. The Segregation of Duty manual outlines the information-sharing barriers existent within Menacorp and defines individual and collective duties as well as prohibitions.