We believe in our Corporate and Social Responsibility, we believe that our mission goes beyond serving our clients only.

We are an active contributor within our community and each member of our team recognises the importance of our involvement.

Through direct actions or via organization’s that we support, our firm goes the extra mile to make a positive impact each time it matters.

Here are some examples of our recent actions and /or the organization's we support.

30% Club

The 30% Club is a global organization promoting a better representation of women at top managerial positions and board of directors of corporations.
Menacorp’s CEO, Fathi Ben Grira, is a Founding Chair of the 30% Club, GCC Chapter

The 30% Club runs a number of very specific and targeted initiatives that look to broaden the pipeline of women at all levels, from “schoolroom to boardroom”. The 30% Club is also working to bring about real transformation by:

1. Encouraging and supporting chairmen to appoint more women to their boards.

2. Providing information and help for businesses trying to improve their diversity at all levels – sharing innovations that work and devising new collaborative actions.

3. Working with other related groups. We believe that collective, concerted effort can achieve much more than individual initiatives and are ‘open source’ in our approach. We are driven by our objective, rather than by any ‘ownership’ of the issue.

4. Keeping the spotlight on the issue through our ongoing role in the public debate, on TV and radio and through social media.

5. Staging large-scale events (free of charge to attendees) to develop momentum and to evolve thinking around the issue.

6. Speaking at schools, universities and international women’s events.

7. Tracking progress towards the 30% target.


Reach is a non-profit mentoring program dedicated to helping young professionals unlock their true potential through structured mentoring and professional support. 

Founded by a group of four Dubai-based professional women, Reach is the first non-profit organization to be registered at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It aims to support and develop the skills of female professionals in the area of financial services and its related sectors. Mentors are experienced men and women willing to share their knowledge and expertise with their mentees, within strict rules of confidentiality, which should build trust and encourage mutual respect.

Reach works by encouraging the planning of professional/personal objectives for the full year program and documenting these ideas in an on-line platform. The objectives are reviewed and discussed at each mentoring session throughout the year. Monitoring of this process is overseen by the program administrator. There is an alignment of interests between mentor and mentee and an acceptance by both parties to adhere to a clear code of ethics.

One of Reach’s key objectives is to produce a new generation of female leaders from and for the Middle East; confident, driven, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and inspiring. To achieve continuity through a structured program, which may sustain future generations.

Based in the UAE, Reach is a regionally focused organization that aims to expand its mentoring support across the GCC and Middle East. As a non-profit organization, Reach supports the mentoring opportunities it offers through corporate sponsorships. This allows eligible mentees to benefit from the opportunities the organisation offers at no cost.

Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs

Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs is an independent Abu Dhabi based governmental organisation offering social and humanitarian services to people with special needs in Abu Dhabi Emirate to support and strengthen their position as active members of the society.

The organisation also aims at encouraging volunteer work in the field of human services through intensive educational programmes and continuous improvement of the quality of the services that are measured by specialised studies and researches.

The Organization main missions are to:

1. Provide educational, rehabilitation and therapeutic services to support individuals with special needs, using the best international practices adopted in care and rehabilitation field.

2. Care for integrating orphans and special needs groups within the whole community.

3. Ensure ideal utilisation of human, financial and technological resources.

National Charity School of Dubai with Action Care – Move Program

Menacorp financed the Motivated Empowerment Program (MOVE)

designed by Action Care for underprivileged students at the National Charity School of Dubai.

MOVE’s goal is to build human and social capital and help youth gain skills that can be applied for success on a personal and professional level.

MOVE’s goal is to build human and social capital and help youth gain skills that can be applied for success on a personal and professional level.

The program cultivates essential skills and aptitudes that students require in order to successfully transition into higher education or the workplace, enabling them to excel in roles of responsibility within their communities. Active learning methodologies enable students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, assess their aptitudes, and establish long term goals, while group assignments foster application of effective leadership, communication and problem-solving dynamics. Job interview simulations, CV writing workshops, public speaking competitions, a career fair and youth-led community projects help students gain transferable skills and real world experience that promotes retention of training.

The MOVE program also focuses on cultivating volunteerism; motivating classes and practical training equip attendees with the skills necessary for effective volunteering and support of social initiatives.